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Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring for an enjoyable fishing experience
  • Waders are always a good idea, and a requisite in the winter.  Most all of the places we will be fishing, have cold water.  A fun day of fishing can turn sour if you are cold.

  • Depending on the location, either a 5 or 6wt to 8wt single handed rod, or a 6wt to 9wt two-handed rod.

  • The lines again will depend on location, but multiple tip lines with sinking tips are always a favorite in the winter.  .

  • A good waterproof wading jacket.  In the winter this will be a lifesaver if the skies open up half way through the float.

  • If you have a favorite lifejacket, bring it.  I carry several in case you do not have one.

  • Polarized sunglasses.  Nothing will end a good day of fishing like a 3" lead eyed bunny leach to the eye.  Even in the winter, it is a good idea to always wear eye protection of some sort.  

  • All necessary fishing licenses.

What I provide
  • A cooler with ice, lunch when specified.

  • Lifejackets (I have several, but you are always welcome to bring your own).

  • Flies, rods, reels, lines, etc.   All of my flies are ones that I personally fish with.

  • An enjoyable, educational and fun trip that will leave you wanting more!

If you have questions about your gear, or if you need waders or boots, let’s chat, I might be able to find some to loan you.

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