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About Me

I grew up fishing in the great Pacific Northwest, starting at seven years old when I saw 2 folks fly fishing on a local lake. I ran over to my father, and asked him what they were doing.  He said “They are fly fishing."  I replied, " I want to do that!"  He said "I don’t know how to do that, but we will figure it out!”  Two days later he brought me home my first fly rod. A week later he brought me home a fly tying kit. 

Well as you can imagine I read every book I could find in the library; begged my father to take me to Seattle to visit Patrick’s Fly Shop, and started trying to tie every fly pattern I could find. Growing up, I got into quite a bit of trouble for taking thread from my mom’s sewing kit (she had all the colors!) and shaving fur from the family dog (not a good idea). 

J. Michelle Swope @olywomenonthefly is that person you love from the moment you meet her.

These Days

This obsession has evolved,  and I’ve met some amazing folks who have educated and inspired me, and pushed me to be better. Joan Wulff, April Vokey, Heather Hodson, Jack Dennis, John Hicks....all people who have inspired me to continue me passion, and share it with others.

My love for all things fly fishing has led me to volunteer for some incredible organizations that help people heal through fly fishing and fly tying, cold water conservation efforts, and working with veterans and youth at risk and educating around issues of climate change, conservation, and fly fishing. I’ve found myself fly-fishing all over the United States, Yucatan Peninsula, the Arctic Circle and Kenai peninsula.

While I still go to some amazing places, but the great PNW is my home.  I’ve fished these waters my whole life, love and care for the environment that allows these beautiful fish to flourish and live to get more folks out into the local beauty of our state, and onto these beautiful beaches and streams.


Let's Go Fish

I love getting  folks onto the water and into fish, whether it be for an all-day hunt for the unicorn of fish (winter steelhead), Coastal Cutthroat from the beach, rainbow trout or salmon.    My goal is to make your day memorable, fun and an experience you will want to repeat!  If there is something specific you want to do, tell me!  With enough advance notice, I can craft the experience you are seeking.  Most of my guide days are spent on the South Puget Sound.


My Associations

I am a Trout Unlimited Certified business, and a member of the Olympic Peninsula Guide Association, Chair of the Womens and Diversity Initiative for Trout Unlimited and an active board member of my local Olympia Trout Unlimited chapter, as well as the Washington State Trout Unlimited Council.   I am also an AFFTA member.

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