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"as seen on tv..."

Yes, its true. Last month NBC nightly news followed us down river as we fished the mighty Missouri River out of Craig, Montana. This was our second annual trip to Craig, and we doubled our attendance from the first year. Craig, Montana, population 45, has 4 fly shops, 2 bars, and for 3 days in June WAAAAYYYY more fly fishing women than they had ever seen. It truly is amazing to be part of such a fly fishing community of women who "pee in the woods, drink beer, and hang out." (quote from Heather Hodson, creator of United Women on the Fly). See the story here

here are some photos from those trips! Mark your calendars for next June, cause we will be making this trip again, and you should join us!

Shenanigans in Craig, MT with some super fishy professional guides!

Duncan and I, almost to Craig, had to stop to commemorate his first Continental Divide crossing

full moon, coming up over Hooser Dam, where we camped.

Just one of the gorgeous fish caught....Amber's first fish on a fly!

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